Struts with Mutts offer a range of services to cater all of you and your dogs’ needs! If you think you need a service not listed below, feel free to contact us anyway! We like to accommodate everyone as I understand that no two dogs are the same.

Individual Walks


Individual walks suit older dogs who walk at their own pace, puppies who take extra time padding around,  dogs with behavioral problems or even dogs who just prefer to be on their own!

The walks will be 1 hour long, unless otherwise arranged.





Group Walks

Most dogs love to spend ti12065800_10153252828998932_4641825408697321614_nme with other dogs either playing and interacting or even just ignoring each other and going about their own business. Group walks range from 4-6 dogs per group to ensure the safety and well being of all of our four legged friends.

This option is ideal for dogs who like individual love and attention as well as the company of other dogs.





House Sitting Services


Going away can be stressful, and sometimes you feel guilty about leaving your furry family members at home. I offer an all inclusive alternative to kennels to give you and your family peace of mind, knowing your pets are happy and your home is safe.

Your dogs (and cats!) can spend the days in their own home, with their own routine and will join me on walks throughout the day, mixing and mingling with several other groups of dogs or individually. No number of dogs is too many,  so even if you have one dog or twelve!