Frequently asked questions


Q: Can you walk my dog if she is in season?

A: Yes, I will walk a dog who is in season, however they will not be eligible for group walks while they are in season or for a couple of days after the season is over.


Q: Do you walk non-castrated dogs?

A: Yes, I am more than happy to walk dogs who have not been neutered, however they will not be allowed to walk with other non-castrated dogs to avoid fights.


Q: What if my dog is nervous or aggressive?

A: These dogs are only eligible for individual walks, aggressive dogs may be required to wear a muzzle and will be kept on the lead. I will need to do an evaluation during the initial consultation. Depending on the level of nervousness, your dog might be able to build its confidence to join group walks.


Q: Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

A: Yes, especially if they are in group walks. Preferably dogs should also be vaccinated for kennel cough as they have the potential to come into contact with a large number of different dogs, but this is not essential.


Q: What if my dog gets sick?

A: If your dog is infectious, they will not be able to walk in group walks. Naturally dogs pick up things from everywhere and anywhere, and sometimes illness is unavoidable. I do offer a drop in service if your dogs needs to be checked on during the day, if they are well enough to walk, then they can go on an individual walk until 48 hours after symptoms subside. In cases on kennel cough they will not be able to walk until 7 days after the coughing has subsided.


Q: What if my dog gets injured?

A: Even with the best intentions, sometimes dogs get injured, charging around and having fun or playing with other dogs. It is always a good idea to be prepared. If your dog becomes lame, they shouldn’t walk in group walks or over long distances. Arrangements can be made to walk them and aid their recovery.


Q: Will you get to meet us and my dog before their first walk?

A: Absolutely! I offer a complimentary and no obligation, free, initial consultation before all of my services. This way I can meet you and your dog(s) and we can get to know each other, while I ask a few questions and assess the best service I can provide for you and your dogs needs.


Q: Can we give you a key to the property so that no one needs to be home and we don’t have to leave a key out?

A: Yes, I have insurance which covers looking after my clients keys.


Q: Does my dog need to be microchipped?

A: Yes please! As of April 2016 it will be the law for all dogs to be microchipped. Dogs also MUST have tags on their collars, it is the law if they are to be walked in a public place. If they wear a harness, I would still rather they had a collar on as well, if only for while they are out.


Q: What should we expect during our complimentary initial consultation?

A: This is a crucial part of the service I provide, I come to your home and meet you and your dog(s). I let you tell me about your dog(s) personality and routine and what service you would like. It’s a great opportunity to ask some questions and get comfortable with me. I will ask you a few questions about your dog and I can confirm the costs implied with the service you require. I assure you, there is no pressure to go any further than this if you don’t want to! You can take as much time as you like to decide, there is no obligation to decide then and there. I will leave my contract and information pack with you so you can go over it with your other family members if you wish!


Q: What happens if my dog is muddy and wet when you get home?

A: Don’t  worry I won’t leave your muddy mutt loose in your house to trash the place! If you show me your ‘washing routine’ I will endeavor to clean your dog off as much as possible and towel dry. I myself have cream coloured sofas so I know what it is like!