Mutt of the Month

Here at Strutts with Mutts, I love to recognise some of the achievements your dogs gain while spending time with me! Which is why I have decided to name one mutt every month who deserves to celebrate and get some recognition. This could be anything from an improved recall, gaining confidence, recovering well from an operation or even just finding a single ball (we can hope right?!)


April 2016 Mutt of the Month… Tilly!


A fairly new member of the family, this 10 month old Border Terrier has won the heart of every dog she’s come across, since joining Group walks at Struts with Mutts. She has never annoyed any dog or been involved in any naughtiness (other than her cheekiness!). She always comes back instantly when I call her and she somehow gets even the most stubborn dogs to play with her!

This month she has even been brave, going into the water with her friends, getting her little toes and face wet. Tilly’s mad terrier moments are always very entertaining as well!

Congratulations Tilly!

May 2016 Mutt(s) of the Month… Boots and Floppy!


These lovely girls will have been part of my family for 5 years this month and I am extremely grateful to have them in my life. They are extremely kind and loyal dogs and they have been with me through many different jobs and life choices. They are the founders of Struts with Mutts as much as my own dogs and I. They are always well behaved and happy and I can’t believe I have been fortunate to be a part of their lives for so long. Boots and Floppy win Mutt’s of the Month for May 2016, but really they are my Mutt’s and clients of a lifetime, always patient with the growing family, always considerate of the new dogs, they will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you girlies <3

June 2016 Mutt of the Month … Duke!



Duke has had a few challenges with his health this year. He has had several operations to remove dangerous lumps (non cancerous thankfully!) but he has never let it stop him being such a loving and wonderful labrador! He is so dopey and friendly, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. All of the dogs love Duke and he is very patient, even with the puppies of the group. Duke has been a member of the family for a few years now and he has taken everything life has ever thrown at him in his stride. When he first joined he used to leg it off looking for bins, but now hes a bit more reliable … a bit… although as I write this I am sure I am asking for it! Duke walks on an extendible lead for this very reason, but over the years he has been such a good boy that he gets some valuable off lead time with the pack. Duke has even started playing with tennis balls occasionally on his walks. He is a very special and loving dog and he deserves to win Mutt of the Month!

Congratulations Duke!

July 2016 Mutt of the Month …. Jazzie!


Jazzie joined the group a few months ago. I first met her because she was a member of Brody’s agility group. When she first joined she was a bit unsure of other dogs and very much needed her own space, especially in the car. Jazzie is the sweetest collie you will ever meet. Not a mean bone in her body. Her eyes are so soulful, I am very blessed to have such a lovely girl in the Struts with Mutts family. Since joining Struts with Mutts, Jazzie has flourished. She gets along with any dog now with no problems, she has even tried to play a couple of times with other dogs! She even has gotten so comfortable that she will ride in the car next to any other dog she is put with. She has come a long way and now I think she quite enjoys having some company. She loves her tennis ball but she is never rude or bossy! Bless her.

Congratulations Jazzie. A well deserved Mutt of the Month!

August 2016 Mutt of the Month … Florence!


This cheeky spaniel has been a member of the family since she was a little 7 month old puppy and she has flourished since joining us on group walks. Florence is a bit of a nutter. Since joining the family she has; stolen picnic sandwiches, found a sock, found a child’s doll, stolen a water bowl and chewed through a harness. But despite her slightly naughty streak, she truly is one of the loveliest spaniels! Florence always finds me some free tennis balls on our walk. Her recall has improved tenfold and she plays well with all the other dogs, without being bossy to those who are not interested. Her swimming skills have also greatly improved. Florence loves to flop into the water with such a finesse, that mimics a seal rolling into the sea. However her splashing doggy paddle has become much more graceful. She really is a wonderful girly and I know her momma has had some trials with her craziness, but she should be as proud as I am of how far Florence has come in just a few months. She truly is a valued member of the family and is growing into quite a special young lady,

Well done Florence!