June 2016 Mutt of the Month … Duke!


Duke has had a few challenges with his health this year. He has had several operations to remove dangerous lumps (non-cancerous, thankfully!), but he has never let it stop him from being such a loving and wonderful labrador!

He is so dopey and friendly; he wouldn’t hurt a fly. All of the dogs love Duke, and he is very patient, even with the puppies of the group.

Duke has been a family member for a few years now and has taken everything life has ever thrown at him in his stride. When he first joined, he used to leg it off looking for bins, but now he’s a bit more reliable … a bit… although as I write this, I am sure I am asking for it!

Duke walks on an extendible lead for this reason, but over the years, he has been such a good boy that he gets some valuable off-lead time with the pack. Duke has even started playing with tennis balls occasionally on his walks.

He is an exceptional and loving dog who deserves to win Mutt of the Month!

Congratulations Duke!