August 2016 Mutt of the Month … Florence!


This cheeky spaniel has been a member of the family since she was a little seven-month-old puppy and she has flourished since joining us on group walks. Florence is a bit of a nutter. Since joining the family, she has; stolen picnic

Florence is a bit of a nutter. Since joining the family she has; stolen picnic sandwiches, found a sock, found a child’s doll, stolen a water bowl and chewed through a harness. But despite her slightly naughty streak, she truly is one of the loveliest spaniels!

Florence always finds me some free tennis balls on our walk. Her recall has improved tenfold and she plays well with all the other dogs, without being bossy to those who are not interested. Her swimming skills have also greatly improved. Florence loves to flop into the water with such a finesse, that mimics a seal rolling into the sea. However her splashing doggy paddle has become much more graceful.

She really is a wonderful girly and I know her momma has had some trials with her craziness, but she should be as proud as I am of how far Florence has come in just a few months. She truly is a valued member of the family and is growing into quite a special young lady,

Well done Florence!